7 Amazing Reasons Kindness Boosts Confidence

Kindness boosts confidence, and this is because the act of kindness provides you with a sense of self-assurance and appreciation of your own abilities and qualities.

I’m sure you are kind to others every day automatically without thinking about it.  Because you are a nice person. 

And I’m equally sure your acts of kindness have a significant impact on those around you.  I would even go further and suggest that you give little credit to yourself for demonstrating this highly valued quality.  After all, it comes under the category of little things.

I remember the day when I did my first presentation.  I was so nervous.  My heart was beating wildly and there was a flutter in my stomach that was rather uncomfortable.

But the reason I got through that presentation was because my manager sat in the front row and every time I paused she would give me a little smile.  That small act of kindness gave me a real boost and helped my confidence no end.

But, there are also some excellent reasons why being kind to others boosts your own confidence as well.

  Here are some underlying, less recognised benefits that you might not be aware of.

When you are kind to others, you are also looking after your:

  • Physical health
  • Emotional well-being
  • Relationship and social health

When you look after these three factors, you build your confidence.  So kindness boosts confidence by making you stronger and more capable of dealing with life confidently.

Being Kind To Others: The Little Things

Kindness doesn’t need grand gestures.  It can be little things like:

  • Holding the door open for a colleague as she juggles papers, handbag, mobile phone and coffee
  • Giving a smile of encouragement during a presentation when you know that someone is nervous
  • Going out of your way to congratulate someone on a promotion

These little things don’t cost you anything and demonstrate how your kindness boosts confidence.  Not just in yourself but in others.

kindness boosts confidence and gives you a stronger heart

Kindness impacts your heart and your blood pressure

Physical Health Benefits of Being Kind To Others

When you are physically healthy, you can look after your confidence better.  You are more resilient and less distracted by physical ailments.

Kindness Kills Pain

When you’re kind to others, you release endorphins into your brain.  These endorphins are capable of dulling pain.

So if you are unwell, kindness might be a better way to deal with this without resorting to pain medication.  If you have a cold, an act of kindness can reduce the symptoms.  This has even been shown to work with those who have problems with chronic pain.  Highlighted in a series of studies published in 2017 by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  Summarised brilliantly in an article by Health Shots - Being altruistic and selfless can reduce physical pain, says research. You’ve got to read it to believe it.

Kindness Protects Your Heart

Another chemical reaction created by kindness is the body’s release of oxytocin.  This hormone affects your blood vessels by dilating them.  Consequently, you have better blood flow which lowers blood pressure and helps your heart to stay healthier.

Kindness boosts confidence by impacting your physical health.

You Live Longer

No one is quite sure why this is. But people who practise kindness towards others regularly (especially through volunteering) tend to live four times longer than people who don’t.  Volunteering is a great way to boost your confidence as you can learn new skills, meet people from different backgrounds and share your knowledge.  All gained by being kind to others.

kindness boosts confidence in yourself and others

When you do an act of kindness you make yourself and others happy

Kindness Boosts Confidence When Related To Emotional Well-Being

We are a hive of emotions; that’s what makes us human.  When your feelings are positive, you feel more confident.

Kindness Improves Your Mood

There is a feel-good factor when you do kind things for others.  You might be having a blah sort of day – let’s face it, we all have days like that.  But being kind is a natural pick-me-up tonic.  There are no artificial sweeteners in sight here.  When you feel good about yourself, your confidence grows, which is fabulous for your emotional well-being.

When you focus on others around you, the world feels a much better place.  You can put a spring back in your step by a simple, selfless act.

When you’re in a good mood, you’re more likely to be productive, and we know that positive action also boosts our confidence.

Kindness Kills Stress

Stress can destroy your confidence and make you doubt yourself.  So anytime you feel overwhelmed or overburdened by life, be kind to someone as it will help remove the symptoms of stress.  When we’re stressed, we become self-absorbed and, it’s hard to break free of it.  When you focus on someone else’s needs, you remove the attention on yourself.  Kindness might not solve your problems, but it will help lay them aside for a bit and allow you to gain perspective.

Relationships And Social Health

People like to be around others who are positive and happy, and when we feel loved, it builds our self-esteem.  When our self-esteem is high, our confidence grows.

Just as Supportive People Are Astoundingly Good For Your Health, because of the social connection.

Kindness is one of the biggest reasons why relationships succeed long-term.  The more you practice kindness in the workplace, the more your colleagues will practice kindness toward you.  It’s no wonder a good working relationship thrives under those conditions!

Not only does an act of kindness boosts confidence, but it also improves your career prospects!

kindness is a boomerang

when you do an act of kindness, just like a boomerang it will come back to you

The Boomerang Effect

But, the best part about kindness is that it tends to circle around back to you sooner or later.  Kindness is the boomerang of life.  The more you’re kind to the people you work with (and also in life generally), the more likely they will be kind toward you.

There is so much to be gained when you are kind to others.  A simple act that doesn’t cost you a lot but can significantly benefit who you are as a person.  When you feel good about yourself, from a:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Social aspect

 your confidence soars.

So make it a habit to do something good for another person and see how kindness boosts confidence – your own and others.

Even better if you track your acts of kindness in a journal.  Writing daily in your journal also has other health benefits.

About the author Alison

A qualified UK based coach with 30 years of experience in personal development.

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