Life is too short to be constantly stressed out

by trying to keep others happy.

Ditch the stress and overwhelm and finally find peace.

We all have a story to tell.  When I tried to live life for other people, I was left feeling unfulfilled and stressed...

Before I started Confidence In Heels I was busy climbing the corporate ladder, working long hours and having no social life.  

Too busy trying to please and impress other people, desperate for their approval and to fit in.  I constantly worried about what other's thought of me and felt I was never going to be good enough.  So I overcompensated and became a stressed out, workaholic.

I became someone I didn't like very much and a million miles away from the person I wanted to be.

This was not how I imagined my life would be and I soon realised that I was not doing the work I wanted to do.  No wonder I was always so grumpy!

So I took some time out.  First I reduced the stress in my life and re-evaluated where I wanted to go.  Then I made a plan to bring my dream to life.  To live the life I wanted to live, not the life others expected me to.  The life I live today - it's not perfect but it's a good work in progress.

I'm on a mission to help knackered women who work so hard to keep everyone else happy, ditch the stress and overwhelm so they feel more at peace.

Things I'd Love You To Know About Me

  • I'm a qualified coach and studied at the University of Reading - I completed a 5,000 word dissertation as well as 30 hours 1:1 client work - tough, but so worth it
  • Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.  I'm an official HR Professional - say no more!
  • I've designed and run more training sessions than I can remember from new starters to VPs
  • I have 3 fur babies (if you're a dog lover you'll understand) two Boston Terriers called Bonnie and Reuben, and a Pug called Frank
  • A complete stationery addict - Moleskin is my new obsession, although I'm a sucker for any gorgeously designed notebook, and don't get me started on pens
  • And I love, love, love Maltesers - especially if it comes in bar form.  Those big bags for sharing, great idea but I ain't sharing with anyone!

Ready To Take Back Control Of Your Life And Be Happier?

Big life changes are scary and if you try and change everything at once it can be overwhelming.  

Here at Confidence In Heels we adopt a 5 stage manageable process which I call

The People Pleaser Recovery Program


Ditch Stress

Living life to please others is stressful.  The first step is to learn to put yourself first and that means looking after yourself better.  Sometimes that means saying 'no' to others.  Once you're relaxed, it's easier to figure out what you want.


Embrace Confidence

I don't believe in fake it 'til you make it - why would you want to be someone you're not? You're a HIT (human in training).  Confidence is quiet and built on self-assurance. 


Find Peace

When you know yourself well and learn to accept yourself, will feel more content.  But peace also includes having a sense of purpose and living your truth.  Sometimes the simple things in life are the answer.  


Achieve Success

What does success look like to you?  It's different for everyone.  But one thing is common,  we all need to understand ourselves better.  What makes us tick, and what we really want out of life.  Journaling is the power behind making this a reality.  In addition, we all need the same tools to put our lives in order.  Cue cheat sheets, organisation hacks and strategies to get things done.

Go from Stress Head To Calm Confidence and take Control Of Your Life.  

It's time for YOU to begin, let ME help. 

how to say no without feeling like a bitch front page

8 Easy Steps  On How You Can Say "No" Without Guilt Or Fear

Learn how you can:

  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • overcome feelings of guilt
  • increase your confidence
  • improve your self-esteem
  • find more time for yourself

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