Do Your Thing And Forget What People Think

Do your thing and forget what people think about it is crucial.  You can’t please everyone.  If you’re acting in good faith and believe that you’ve got the right to do what you want (as long as you are working in good faith of course), then you can forget what other people think about it.

The Only Person You Should Please

Quote some will, some wont - do your thing and forget what people think

“You can’t please everyone.” No truer words have ever been spoken. Whatever you do, I can guarantee there will always be someone who’s unhappy.

You can; however, spend time pleasing yourself and really, isn’t that the person who matters most?

In the end, living life based on the influences and expectations of others is not living your life. And don’t you deserve to live life on your terms?

Please read my article Why Other People’s Opinions Influence Us So Much. You’ll see how easy it is to adopt other people’s opinions.  After all, we are social beings and need to get along with other people to get on in life.  But there comes a point when you must consider whose opinions really matter.

In my article Whose Opinion Really Matters And Why It Should, I explain how there are only two types of people whose opinion you should consider.  These are:

  • People who have an impact on how you earn your living, and
  • those who provide you with a loving and stable relationship. 

Nobody else should matter.

The article highlights the reason why you should do your thing and forget what people think about it.

Sadly, if you live with the habit of worrying about what others think, you’re never going to know what you think… or worse... you’re going to suppress who you are and what you want for someone else. Stop it!

happy woman with hands in air

When you do your thing and forget what people think about it, you'll be a lot happier

Why You Should Do Your Thing And Forget What People Think About It

I’m going to make a couple of assumptions here. 

Assumption #1. You are operating in good faith in this life and aren’t looking to break up your home, family, or cause mayhem.

Assumption #2. You are entitled to be who you want to be and do what you want to do as long as it fits assumption #1.

Here is a list of the biggest influences on us:

  • Parents
  • Spouse
  • Children
  • Extended family
  • Friends
  • Church
  • Work

Countless people hide their identities and their preferences because they fear what other people think.

They modify their behaviour or their lifestyles.  They change their look, their minds, and their habits to please someone of influence. All these changes are to their own detriment.  

Don’t let it be you.

If you want to be happy, you need to do your thing and forget what people think about it.

Remember, whoever you are trying to please, someone else is going to be upset.  You’re not going to be able to please everyone, and neither should you.  Going down that road can only lead to you being unhappy.

You Only Live Once?

You only live once isn’t actually true.

You live the moment in front of you, and each of the days you are fortunate enough to have before you die one death. Living to please others is not going to make your time easier or happier. It’s going to make it artificial and stale.

Liberate yourself, do your thing and forget what other people think about it.

  • Some will love everything about you
  • Some won’t
  • So what
  • Someone is waiting to share the things you have in common
one woman's and one man shoe do your thing and forget what people think about it

Celebrate your difference

It’s Okay To Be Different

I want you to consider for a moment your circle of influence.  How many people agree with everything you say or do?  I would suggest very few.

If you’re anything like me, I have friends and members of my own family who will have different opinions on:

  • Politics
  • Fashion
  • Religion

Or anything else you can think of.  Just because friends and family have different views doesn’t mean I think any less of them.

So, because I can accept their opinions, doesn’t it stand to reason that they will accept mine?

Different Views?  Do Your Thing And Forget What People Think About It

Think about your situation and how you accept your friends and family opinions.  In return, they will also accept your views.  We often forget that there are two sides to each issue.  Our negative self-talk only focuses on the bad things.  We need to remember that not everyone will take a dim view on what you are doing especially if you are:

  • Doing it in good faith
  • Being true to what you believe and your value system

If what you desire is ethical, legal, and in alignment with your morals and values, there should be nothing about what someone else thinks to influence you. So do your thing and forget what people think about it.

Know Your Values

When you know your core values and beliefs, it’s easier to feel comfortable with being different.  In my article How To Form Your Own Opinion, I discuss the danger of not having your own opinion and provide 5 simple steps to follow to get to the core of what you really think.

If you don’t know your values, please look at my workbook What Do You Stand For?  Click the link, to find out more about it. 

Trust me when you’re in tune with yourself, you will be a lot happier.

Be who you are unashamed, unapologetic, and with enthusiasm.

headshot of 9 different women, colour, age

Thank goodness we're not all the same. That would be boring!

Be Grateful For Differences

Life would be very dull if we all agreed on everything.  There would be no debate, no exploration of new ways of thinking or doing things. 

Imagine what it would be like if everyone you knew agreed with absolutely everything you said and did.  Perhaps at first it would feel quite good, but very soon you will become bored.  Ultimately you wouldn’t grow and become even better than you are now.

Believe me; you need the stimulation that only the diversity of views and opinions can provide.  If you want to become a more fulfilled and knowledgeable person, actively seek out those who are different.  By doing so, you will expose yourself to new ideas and opinions which will help you form your own thoughts on all sorts of topics.

But don’t be swayed by opinions you cannot wholeheartedly defend or agree with.

Having alternative views and opinions is helpful in the workplace.  How many times have you encountered a problem that seemed difficult to overcome?  If you have a breadth of knowledge behind you, it’s easier to look at issues more creatively.  We all think in different ways, harness those differences to find common ground and a good solution.

Teams Thrive On Different Opinions

Another vital point to remember is that teams comprise different people who all bring something of importance.  Effective teamwork encourages everyone to do your thing and forget what people think about it. Especially when looking to generate ideas to help solve problems or progress on projects.

If you want to impress your manager and gain recognition, then having your own opinion, supported with sound knowledge is the best way to achieve it.

Okay, there will be times when your view isn’t readily accepted, or your way of doing things is not approved.  But don’t give up.  Being wrong on one occasion doesn’t mean you are always wrong.

Do your thing and forget what people think about it. 

Seriously your contribution will be appreciated.

Next Steps

Are there ways you do your own thing and see benefits from doing so?  I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

Remember if you know what your values you, you’ll be more confident to do your own thing.  Don’t forget to check out my comprehensive workbook ‘What Do You Stand For?

What Do You Stand For?

This comprehensive 36 page workbook with beautifully laid out and clear exercises will get you to the very heart of who you are.

Discover your very own blueprint for life … without spending hours navel gazing or getting confused! 

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