How To Say No Without Feeling Like A Bitch

Do you find yourself saying "Sure! No problem" to every request from people,

when deep down inside, you really want to say no?

Let's face it, we all want to fit in.  We want to be liked and seen as a jolly nice person.  So we tend to say yes to everything even when we'd quite frankly rather say no - or words to that effect.

As traits go, it's not a bad thing.  

But, if saying yes all the time affects your well-being, then there's a problem.

It's so complicated - the guilt, the fear, the worry about what others will say behind your back.

This FREE guide will take you through the importance of mastering the art of saying the dreaded two-letter word "no,"  without feeling like a total bitch. 

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In it you'll learn how to:

Build respectful relationships

Be true to yourself

Avoid the fear

You'll also learn 8 fabulous techniques that you can easily implement which might just save your sanity, your sense of humour

and give you back more time to focus on the most important person - you!


I'm  Alison

Aka the reformed Yes Girl

I was so desperate to fit in that I would say yes to almost anything that was asked of me.  

I worked long exhausting hours, got involved in projects that stretched me to the limit and helped out friends who didn't have the time to do things themselves - it didn't matter that I was overwhelmed, they needed me!

All I wanted was approval.

Tired, and ever so cranky, I had to learn to say no, otherwise I would have literally gone mad.

That's why I'm passionate about helping other women to say no without fear, guilt or feeling like a bitch.

Life is too short to live your life to please others - discover and live the life of your dreams instead.

It can be done!

how to say no without feeling like a bitch front page

8 Easy Steps  On How You Can Say "No" Without Guilt Or Fear

Learn how you can:

  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • overcome feelings of guilt
  • increase your confidence
  • improve your self-esteem
  • find more time for yourself

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